"Your Hands can Heal School of Reiki, the Professional Approach to Teaching TERA-MAI TM REIKI HEALING"
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victoria at work Hello, my name is Victoria Gosher and I take Reiki very seriously

I offer:
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For the past 2 decades I have both practiced and taught Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Karuna Reiki®. I trained and practiced in South Africa, Israel and England. For those who have expereinced either Usui Reiki or Karuna Reiki®, Tera-Mai TM Reiki just takes healing to that next level.

The Tera-Mai TM healing system offers an assortment of more suitable energies for the raised vibrational frequency of the times in which we live.

Kuan Yin I am based in the peaceful country surroundings of East Sussex in the village of Ticehurst, England, far away from the noise and hubbub of modern life. I believe that Reiki has an important role to play in our "Western" lifestyles. To empower oneself with the healing power of Reiki is an extremely liberating experience, a highly worthwhile journey.

seminar for Wellbeing Wednesday Reiki is an extremely effective ancient healing technique which works with energy and is a wonderful tool for fixing stress, which affects everyone in our modern busy lifestyles. Emotional stress has a very negative and corrosive effect on our physical bodies, in particular the Endocrine System, the glandular system that keeps our physical body working.

I founded the school in the autumn of 2004. I teach only Reiki. I do not subscribe to being a Jack of all trades and master of none. I do not offer "weekend courses". Reiki is a long journey, not a destination. Every person, young or old, male or female has the ability to heal themselves. Healing is a gift that we need to develop within ourselves, it allows you to re-awaken allowing you to transcend all your genetic limitation of pain and suffering. Hopefully, I can assist in kick-starting that journey for you.

I advise all potential Reiki students to experience a full Reiki treatment with me prior to committing themselves to a Reiki course. Students find this extremely beneficial, especially once the course starts. After the core training, I offer on-going workshops to continue the learning process reinforcing what I teach, thus allowing students to develop and practise their skills. Over the years I have hosted a variety of workshops which included Sufi Dervish whirling,Tibetan Bowls, a Gong Workshop,a New Age Music presentation and Alexander Technique.

signature Reiki Council Should you wish to book a Reiki treatment, enquire about a Reiki course or have any other questions after visiting this website, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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